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RockChat.Net - Free Mobile Chat Registration

RockChat.Net - Free Mobile Chat Registration

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Your username SHOULD NOT consist of uppercase (CAPITAL) letters or spaces. Numbers are permitted but NO SYMBOLS allowed.
Maximum 4 numbers are permitted. If you register with your partial mobile number within your username then your IP will be permanently blocked.
You cannot select a username that contains name of any website or your phone number
Your username should be of atleast 4 characters in length.
You are not allowed to register more than one username so choose your username wisely.
The system is built such that all offending names will be blocked directly.
Registrations are free, chat services are free, hence do not abuse our services.
Once you select a proper username for yourself, you cannot undo its selection hence think twice before proceeding.
We will not charge you for basic chat. Service will be free, hence if you are registering then register with the intention of enjoying a spam-free, abuse-free, friendly mobile chat atmosphere. We have put in a lot of effort to set up this place, hence do not give a reason for the staff members here to take penalty action against you.


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